Is Your WordPress Website is Ready for Business in 2020?

Did you know…WordPress has come out with 19 updates this year, and that doesn’t even include all the necessary plugin updates. A number of security updates from WordPress and many of the plugins you use will also require updating to stay current and functioning.

But there’s no need for concern. Keeping your WordPress website current and running well is what Principle Design does. At the beginning of every year we offer our current clients a special opportunity:

Update your WordPress core software and all your plugins for $199

Your annual update package includes:

  • Backing up your site prior to updates
  • Updating your core WordPress software
  • Updating all your plugins
  • Repairing any script conflicts that arise during the process
  • Activating or updating your website’s spam filter
  • Clearing accumulated website spam
  • Adding an image-optimizing plugin to compress website images and increase site performance
  • Recommending performance upgrades and plugin enhancements as needed
The standard price for this service is $299, but we are offering it for a limited time to our customers at a greatly reduced rate of $199.

You pay to have the oil changed and tires rotated on your car to prevent bigger issues, right? So why wouldn’t you also take care of your website?

Sign up now and our team will contact you to schedule your update.

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